Expanding Health Horizons

Today’s complex living and working environments are a challenge to everyone – in their professional as well as in their private lives. Individual vitality is promoted by prevent.on’s health programs – on a personal and company level. It is always more economical to support health at an early stage than to fight disease – for individuals and companies as well as for communities.

prevent.on enables private customers and company employees to take the initiative to develop their health proactively so they can enjoy more quality of life. prevent.on helps customers gain inner strength and encourages them to use their individual potentials in every phase of their lives.

For companies, prevent.on promotes the health of employees, so they can contribute to the success of the company in every phase of their lives according to their ability to achieve.

prevent.on is your health mate in all phases of your life. Your personal, time-efficient checkup day will replace time-consuming consultations with various medical specialists and it will be your first step towards an active health management.


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