Dealing well with everyday stress. Learning composure. Developing abilities

Besides our physical fitness our psycho-mental capacities play an important role in our individual stress resilience. How can a person stay composed and healthy under pressure? How can we deal with life and work in successful, sustainable and joyful ways?

Inner strength [resilience] protects us from the effects of stress, such as exhaustion [burnout] and stress-related diseases, such as heart attacks or high blood pressure.

Inner strength and vitality means: Mental competence – for an optimistic and solution-oriented basic attitude towards everyday challenges, in all areas of life. Together, the prevent.on employees create a competence pool of 16 different medical and psychological fields. That range of services can be extended as needed, by associated partners.

What is the basis of inner strength?

  • Regenerative competence - restful sleep, effective short relaxation, physical fitness, performance-related, healthy diet.
  • Burnout prevention - protection against growing exhaustion, particularly significant for key players in companies and society.
  • Social competence - active creation of a personal social network, expansion and acquisition of communication and social skills, such as appreciative communication and effective leadership.
  • Life-work balance - for living one’s life according to personal values and goals, in a way that is subjectively felt to be satisfactory, balancing our professional and private lives.

Inner strength and vitality are what our health promotion is aimed at. They are the targets of all prevent.on services.



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