Scope of services

  • Discussion of the detailed medical survey
  • prevent.on-key
  • Thorough internal medical examination
  • Body fat analysis with a bioimpedance method and skin fold caliper
  • Extensive lab tests
  • Sonography of abdominal organs
  • Sonography of thyroid gland and soft neck tissue
  • Color Doppler Echocardiography
  • ECG at rest and during exercise
  • Pulmonary function test at rest
  • Performance diagnostics with spiroergometry and lactate test during exercise
  • Carotid artery IMT ultrasound measurement
  • Color Doppler ultrasound of the arteries supplying the brain (ultrasound with blood flow as well as direction and velocity imaging
  • Color Doppler ultrasound of pelvic and leg arteries, where appropriate
  • Vision test with examination of various visual functions (visual acuity, spatial vision, field of vision, color perception (optional)
  • Audiometry (optional)
  • Detailed discussion of results in an understandable manner
  • Assessment of the current health potential
  • Detailed and practical counseling on subjects of nutrition, fitness (with exercise tips), life-work balance and burnout prevention
  • Detailed final report that can be understood by laypersons
  • You can rate our services online and anonymously

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